Steven Wiseglass

Steven is a licensed Insolvency Practitioner with over a decade of experience in practice and a co-founder of Inquesta.

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Steven Mason
Insolvency Practitioner

Steven Mason is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner based in Manchester, advising companies across UK.

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Martin Willock
Insolvency Advisor

Martin has been in the insolvency professional since 1997 with over a decade of experience in advising directors.

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Mala Patel
Corporate Insolvency Manager

Mala has worked in Insolvency since 1997. Initially she specialised in personal insolvency dealing with IVA’s and bankruptcies.

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Kat Davies
Insolvency Administrator

Kat has been working in insolvency at Inquesta for over seven years where she specialises adding a personal touch to all cases.

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Nicola Brown
Corporate Junior Administrator

Nicola has been with Inquesta since 2018 and having previously specialised in IVA’s she is now an established member of the corporate insolvency team.

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